Tai Kriegeskotte: The Future Is Blue. How We Make The (Real) Change


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Sometimes a “bad boy” is needed to get things moving. A “bad boy”, when it’s an emergency and no one else can do it. The emergency is now.

Tai Kriegeskotte shows a way to proceed and put our money and our economy on a safe and sustainable foundation. Linked to this, he outlines new structures of politics and society.

Our future is nonnegotiable. It must not be up to irresponsible politicians, financial gamblers, and racketeers.

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The author is not only a visionary thinker, but also an innovator and a practical source of ideas for the project described in his book. He is an analytical observer and practice-oriented problem solver who has gained his point of view from his work as a journalist and adviser as well as from a life journey with plenty ups and downs.

What it is about

  1. Our world and our future are failing.
    Money and currencies are not worth anything anymore.
    Greed, lust for power, and every increasing populism destroy everything.
  2. We have to act decisively before it is too late.
    By actively resisting the destruction.
    We must checkmate the destroyers.
  3. With new money we build a new economy and a new world.
    Based on the principle of an Economy for Everyone, real values, sustainability and cooperation.

2nd revised edition!

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Tai Kriegeskotte




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