Membership Levels

As a member of the community of TREEEC , you build the new “blue” economic world, the BlueEconomy, and help to save your future and the future all of us.

Why “blue”? Because “green” is far too little for us and TREEEC offers a lot more possibilities, also for you personally.

As a member you can network with all other members through our community and actively participate in shaping it.

The lifetime membership as an individual member costs you 60 EUR one time. 48 EUR of this amount is the entrance fee used for the structures of TREEEC and 12 EUR is for your cooperative share, which is also a requirement for your future TREEEC MONEY account.

Level Price  
TREEEC Private Membership €60.00 now. Select

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Become a supporter and help us to create a blue future!

You are active on the internet and you want to change something in the world? You don’t want to wait and see but want to do something yourself to stop environmental destruction and human rights violations? You want to actively do something for a future worth living on our planet, for a BlueFuture? Then become a active member of our movement and promote TREEEC!

Invite others to become members!

Beat the drum! Everyone must be there to save the future.

  • Download our buttons and pictures from our website and put them prominently on your website.
  • Inform everyone you know about us and invite them to become a TREEECER.

For your support you will get a place in our “Page of Fame”. Be a part of it now and take off with us.

How do you become a supporter?

Purchase your membership and check the box “Would you like to actively support TREEEC?” when you register. We will then contact you.